Who am I?

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Sam's Story

Welcome to my personal basketball website! I'm Sam, a passionate basketball player from Poughkeepsie, New York. Ever since I was young, basketball has been my life's focus. Since highschool, my dream was to play professionally. Since then I have relentlessly trained alongside my siblings, Hayden and Kate. After making a name for myself in Division III at Wesleyan University, I earned multiple Division I offers and landed at Stetson University. Now, I'm determined to pursue a professional career, either overseas or in the G League. This website is a platform to share my basketball journey, training insights, and the invaluable lessons I've learned along the way.

Check out my Stetson Highlights!

My Wesleyan University Story

My time at Wesleyan University marked the most significant period of growth in both my basketball journey and personal development. Here are some of my achievements:

NESCAC Player of the Year

First Team All American

First Team All NESCAC

2022 NESCAC Champion

My Stetson University Story

Stetson University became the arena where I truly pushed my limits and rose to the occasion. The competitive environment and high level of play forced me to adapt and grow. Here are my key takeaways:

Commitment will get you started, and consistency will get you to the finish line.

Embrace challenges as opportunities. It's okay to be uncomfortable!

Accept your role. You're apart of something bigger.

Top Trainers Worked With

Over the years, I have worked with some of the top trainers in the world

DJ Sackmann Basketball Trainer

Dj Sackmann


Dj is a world renowned basketball coach, speaker, influencer and entrepreneur.

Steve Dagostino Basketball trainer

Steve Dagostino

Basketball Trainer

Steve Dagostino is considered one of the top Development Coaches in the country. His client list includes NBA Players and Top Division 1 Players.

Paul James basketball trainer

Paul Fabritz

Basketball Trainer

Paul Fabritz is a strength and conditioning coach with an emphasis on explosive training and injury prevention.

Andrew Moran Basketball Trainer

Andrew Moran

Basketball Trainer

Andrew Moran is an NBA Skills Coach, I’m Possible Regional Skills trainer and the I’m Possible Training Center Director in Miami, Florida.

Justin Cooper Basketball Trainer

Justin Cooper

Basketball Trainer

Justin Cooper, the owner of LMC Basketball, is a top trainer in the Hudson Valley. Justin had a successful highschool and college career scoring over 1,000 points at both levels.


Here's what they're saying about me.

Leo Clibanoff Testimonial

Leo Clibanoff

Wesleyan Assistant Coach

Sam is a great trainer that has Division 1 and Pro experience. He’s been around the highest level of basketball. He’s also very personable and is good with players of all ages. Sam is an active player which helps his ability to teach. Players are able to watch footwork and moves first hand.

Steven Junker Testimonial

Steve Junker

Trainee's Father

Sam has spent time with many high level trainers and basketball minds including DJ Sackmann, Paul Fabritz and Andrew Moran. He also has an obvious passion for the game and helping others. He was a great teacher of the game ! My son will definitely come back for a 2nd workout !! My son and I followed him throughout his last college season and wished him the best in the Pros.

Gio Rubin Testimonial

Gio Rubino


If you're a high school or college player looking to develop your game, Sam is your guy!! He’s played on all levels, from Highschool to the NBA Draft. He has a lot of experience training throughout the years. He's from a basketball family who grew up in the gym together. I have trained with Sam for many summers and always walked away with something new.